June 7, 2020


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Bridge Maintenance Failure

There are multiple issues that can occur while a bridge is in use due to the environmental or circumstantial factors. To address problems such as high-volume traffic patterns and dangerous weather developments, those responsible for maintaining these elevated roadways need to work quickly to attend to any major concerns before more drastic damages take hold. If structural considerations are left unchecked, it is possible for these problems to further deteriorate, creating the possibility for a full-scale bridge collapse. Read more here Wrongful Death Attorney Philadelphia.

Perhaps one of the most striking features of bridge maintenance issues is the simple fact that many bridges across the United States are considerably less safe than they would otherwise seem. According the federal findings, roughly 75,000 bridges across the country may be considered deficient as of a 2007 study. These numbers were illustrated with a chilling example when a bridge in Minneapolis, the I-35W bridge that traveled over the Mississippi River, collapsed, giving visual proof to the consequences of bridge maintenance failure.

Without proper maintenance, parts that were deficient when installed may continue to deteriorate without replacement. In certain cases, bolts and screws that hold necessary load-bearing bars together may become corroded. While maintenance could have replaced these defective parts with new support connectors, preventing a collapse in the bridge support system, many bridges continue to go without this important attendance.

Regular maintenance for road defects commonly found on other roads is also an important part of keeping an elevated roadway safe. If there is a massive pothole or strip of uneven pavement, it is important that the proper authorities address these problems before an accident occurs on the bridge, which may add stress to the overall structure if the physical structure is struck.

If you would like to learn more about bridge maintenance and local and state governments’ duties to keep these structures safe, contact a car accident attorney.